Battle Arena Toshinden 3

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Platform: SONY PlayStation
Format Image: ccd
Status: Full
Genre: Fighting
Language: English
ID CD: SLUS-00483
Publisher: Tamsoft Corporation
Release Data: 1996
Rar Size: 403 MB

The third installment of the Toshinden series. Straight-forward versus mode Beat'em'Up, in full polygon 3D with size-limited arenas (unlike the boundless arenas of the Tekken series, which also used to be Toshinden's main competitor). The basic concept is simple - two characters beat each other up, either human versus human or human versus AI. The main twist of the game is that the combatants have an "overdrive" bar, which can be filled by taking or dealing damage and used up to pull off "special" special moves, which are more spectacular and deal more damage than normal specials. Other than that, if a character runs low on health, he can access a "desperation" special move that will deal massive damage if it hits.

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