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Wu-Tang - Shaolin Style [SLUS-00929] [446 MB] [Megaupload]

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Wu-Tang - Shaolin Style

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Platform: SONY PlayStation
Format Image: ccd
Status: Full
Genre: Fighting
Language: English
ID CD: SLUS-00929
Publisher: Activision/Paradox
Players: 1 
Release Data: 1999
Rar Size: 446 MB

Martial arts Master Xin is the guardian of the secrets of the Wu-Tang kung fu. The evil Mong Zhu grows jealous and decides to steal the Wu-Tang secrets, by torturing Master Xin. Members of the rap group Wu-Tang Clan receive information of Master Xin's plight and set out to rescue him.
Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style is a 3D fighting game that takes place in different arenas around the world. Up to 4 players can fight at once, with a variety of punches, kicks and super moves. In Story Mode, players can only choose members of the Wu-Tang Clan, but in versus mode, more characters are available. In addition to the standard fighting, players must solve the challenges of the 36 chambers in order to unlock secrets and the final boss.

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Вай мегарульная ШПИЛЯ!






Интересно было бы поиграть, учитывая то, что игра эта сделана на движке Thrill Kill... :)


Вы здесь » All CONSOLE GAMES » Fighting/Beat'em Up (NTSC-U) » Wu-Tang - Shaolin Style [SLUS-00929] [446 MB] [Megaupload]