Tail Concerto

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Platform: SONY PlayStation
Format Image: Tail Concerto
Status: Full
Genre: RPG
Language: France
ID CD: SLES-01390
Publisher: Atlus/CyberConnect2
Players: 1 
Release Data: 1999
Rar Size: 263 MB

Tail Concerto is a anime anthropomorphic / furry 3d platform adventure. You play as the character Waffle Ryebread, a police office as you track down and try to arrest the black cat gang. You travel in a mech and can travel between the different lands in an airship. You interact with the townsfolk gathering clues and frequently battle the black cat gang (capturing the kittens). The game also features anime cut scenes, and voice dialog during important events. This game is similar feel Megaman Legends 1, 2 and the Misadventures of Tron Bonne.

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