Lemmings 3D

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Platform: SONY PlayStation
Format Image: bin+cue
Status: Full
Genre: Puzzle
Language: English
ID CD: SCUS-94601
Publisher: Clockwork Games Limited
Release Data: 1995
Rar Size: 356 MB

http://imageshost.ru/img3/e025292604c6d1edbf5f7d2f20e54cdc/t95cb59326d4da332d87126274b826d72.jpg   http://imageshost.ru/img3/f4e0c587647c2712981b2336b59ab2e4/t0934a505159942cb23e5924c2e6c8dc0.jpg   http://imageshost.ru/img3/03e8dcdbc70047256e58b049d7abf346/t02922ab74ad6b720960862e41494a03f.jpg

You, as in all other Lemmings games, are responsible for helping hoards of lemmings through hazardous environments to safety. However, this lemmings game goes just that little bit further by introducing the lemmings to 80 new 3-dimensional levels!

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