Real Bout Fatal Fury

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Platform: SONY PlayStation
Format Image: ccd
Status: Full
Genre: Fichting
Language: English
ID CD: SCES-00561
Publisher: SNK
Players: 1 
Release Data: 1996
Rar Size: 340 MB

This version of the popular fighting series has something for everyone. FATAL FURY fans will recognize many of the characters from previous installments, while newcomers will recognize a good thing when they see it: the ultra-impact, high-octane bouts that unfold each time the 13 fighters step into the ring. Evil nemesis Geese Howard has plans to rule South Town once again, and unless one of the fighters can defeat him, he will. Slug your way through the ranks and earn a final confrontation with Geese. Each character can unleash desperation and super-desperation moves to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. It also adds the ability to end a fight by tossing your opponent from the ring, a rarity in 2D fighting games. FATAL FURY’s patented two-line fighting system allows characters to dodge attacks by stepping momentarily into the background.

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