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Platform: SONY PlayStation
Format Image: mdf+mds
Status: Full
Genre: Fighting
Language: English
ID CD: SLES-00196
Publisher: Vic Tokai/Kronos 
Release Data: 1996
Rar Size: 400 MB

Criticom presents a choice of 8 fighters, each with different abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Fairly standard fare so far, but Criticom has hidden depths to master. When the player defeats the last opponent of the first round, armour is upgraded and new hidden moves come into play. This introduces whole new strategies into the gameplay, and an interesting element of exploration and discovery. By the time the combatants reach grade 3, they are unstoppable killing machines. Battles take place on a Toshinden-style arena - your opponents can be knocked over the edge, which is a great ploy for close battles.

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